If you’re a brand, tourism board, hotels and resorts, airlines interested in working with 
Wanderlust Lens you can find more information here. Alternatively, please email and find out the best ways we can work together.

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I honestly value the people I work with so I would appreciate if you can take a look at my content first before pitching partnerships. Kindly read how my articles are written – they are very personal and based on real-life stories so if you are asking me to post something about your product, I am sorry but I don’t do product reviews. I am only able to publish neutral, journalistic, and unbiased pieces. I can talk about your company/product in the context of an industry-related article, but I wouldn’t be able to use the company name or product in the title of the piece.

Additionally, I don’t host gambling links or accept guest posts. There are many opportunities to work together as long as your company fits my brand. Even if you are paying $1,000 for one (1) link, I really can’t host you unless I can trust your product. My readers believe my work and I don’t want to give them false advertising just because of the money. If we are in the same wavelength, then contact me here!

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