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I'm AngelBong 黃曉虹


Web designer | Published Author | Travel and food Blogger based in Singapore & Malaysia | Travel planner | NATAS licence holder

網頁設計師 | 旅遊作家 | 新馬旅遊與美食博客 | 旅遊策劃人 | 擁有NATAS證

I do (selectively) accept FAM and individual media trips, food review, accommodation review, tourism board or travel agent, airlines, brand invitation (photography equipment, travel item, lifestyle item, telco companies) and travel both internationally and domestically. 我選擇性接受媒體旅行,食品評論,住宿評論,旅遊局或旅行社,航空公司,品牌邀請(攝影器材,旅行或生活方式用品,電信公司),並進行國際與國內旅行...

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As a travel writer, I try my hardest to describe places and destinations of my readers. However, there are just some things and experiences that are too beautiful to put down in words. To me, one of the most beautiful things about travel is the fact that every day is different. There are no routines, no set rules, or no expectations. You can do what you want, whenever you please. I have been traveling the world about 35 countries, fews hundred cities and islands. Travel breaks down routines, monotony and brings back some adventure, excitement, and exploration to people’s lives. 一路上聽了很多故事,歸來後成為寫故事的那個人...

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  • 著作: 「心靈對話的旅程」
  • 國際編號 ISBN 978-967-18591-0-0
  • 如何購買 CLICK HERE 所有指定的新加坡及馬來西亞各大書店,咖啡廳或西餐廳、畫廊、展覽廳皆有出售...
  • 書本內容 「心靈對話的旅程」是一本一個女生獨遊歐洲所見所聞的自助遊記,分享旅途故事與當下有所啟發之心靈語錄;她出發前,只在地圖標上一直想挑戰的挪威三大奇石,第一座是一塊天然形成的巨石,形似神父佈道的講壇,大約25*25平方米的平台直落差海拔604米的佈道石;第二座是一塊只有5立方米並卡在絕壁間的奇蹟石,距離谷底大約海拔984米;最後一座是一塊凌空橫在海平面上1100米的巨大岩石,正如山妖的舌頭一般伸出懸在湖面之上的高空中的惡魔之舌... 一路遊走13國,33個城市;多個村莊、小鎮、島嶼... 「 生命中那些突如其來的考驗從原先的驚慌失措, 而後知性與從容不迫,回首依舊會按下同個按鈕往同個方向, 但會多一份冷靜,稜角之間多一份擔待。 」

Travel Schedule and contact

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  • Malaysia 大馬 | Mulu 姆魯 10-13 Jun'22 ✔
  • Malaysia 大馬 | Kch 古晋 Jun'22 ✔ and Sep
  • Turkey 土耳其 | Early Oct' 2022
  • Morocco 摩洛哥 | Early Dec' 2022
  • Travel Solo 独游 | Europe 歐洲 Mid Oct onward
  • USA 美国 | 换成背包环美国 PCT 太平洋屋脊徑一条贯穿美国西部荒野、大致沿着内华达山脉及喀斯喀特山脉行走、全长4,286KM的远足径,南端由加利福尼亚州接壤墨西哥的边界开始一直连接到北方华盛顿州近加拿大的边境地区;经过25个国家森林7个国家公园... 换成背包环美国
  • Tibet 西藏 | 4月春天的樱花,6月夏天的阿里
  • New Zealand 紐西蘭 | 環南島
  • Africa 非洲 | 義工計畫
  • Vietnam 越南 | Hanoi 河內, Da Nang 峴港, Da Lat 大叻, Ho Chi Minh 胡志明
  • Portugal and Spain 葡萄牙和西班牙 | 番茄大戰是西班牙巴倫西亞自治區布尼奧爾在每年8月的最後一個星期三舉行的節日… La Tomatina is a festival that is held in the Valencian town of Buñol, the last Wednesday of August, during a week of festivities in Buñol.

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    Travel to various places, at times even to remote locations to picture the beauty of the surrounding.

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    Tell stories about food, people and places around the world through lens. Life is as large as you explore it. Let's join our travel schedule and explore together.


    A food lover... Food reviews by brand or star rating for all cafe and restaurants around Singapore, Malaysia and world. Tips : Be honest and fair.


    A hotel reviewer, get experience with travel writing through working in the Hotel or villa. Tips : When consumers are deciding where to stay during their travels, they often turn to hotel and travel review sites.

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